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    Privacy Policy

    Purpose of using personal information

    Information unique to the customer you provided us only for use in good relations with customers (for giving a response to inquiries · inquiries, for other legitimate purposes) and for purposes other than this purpose I will not use it at all.
    Also, we will properly manage the information specific to the customer you presented and will never present or disclose it to any third party unless you consent to it.
    However, this does not apply when it falls under the following conditions.

    • When the customer agrees in advance to disclose information on the privacy information
    • When we are requested to disclose information by law
    • In cases where it is necessary to protect serious interests such as information entity and / or public life, health, property etc.

    In addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations, our office strictly reviews and revises our efforts in the above items regarding information unique to our customers.
    We will notify you on this page when we revise the above policy at our secretariat.
    For inquiries regarding the above, please contact our secretariat.